Amphibious Excavator





An Amphitrex is an amphibious excavator that can travel and work safety and effectively on soft terrain such as swamp, wet land and shallow water. The well designed amphibious hydraulic under carriage has ultra-low ground pressure and unparalleled mobility to work on soft terrains and swamps area.

We manufacture amphibious hydraulic undercarriages for excavator ranging from 12 to 30 ton excavators.

Amphitrex has well proven itself to work effectively on the following applications:

  • Swamp land clearing at mining area, plantation and forest.
  • Deepening of canal, river channel & river mouth.
  • Building bund for flood prevention & land reclamation.
  • Building bund wall for fish & shrimp ponds & salt making industry.
  • Sludge clearing of lakes, ponds & water reservoir.
  • Digging trenches for oil & gas piping installation.
  • Transporting & clearing landslide & flood hit area.
  • Swamps and wetlands construction
  • Road construction through wetlands


AT200 amphibious hydraulic undercarriage technical specification:

1. Amphibious undercarriage hydrostatic drive motors
    Brand: Nabtesco, Japan
    Type: Hydrostatic drive with intergrated hydraulic 2 speed motors.

2. Amphibious undercarriage construction
    Anti-corrosion resistance high tensile steel plates, SMA490.
    Each amphibious undercarriage is equipped with 3 independent water tight compartment.
    The bottom of amphibious undercarriage is reinforced.

3. Track Chains
    Triple strands track chain per amphibious undercarriage.
    Pitch: 152.4mm.
    The track chain rollers are running on Hardox 400 wear plates.

4. Gradeability: 30 degree

5. Operating weight
    30 tons. (Including 20 ton hydraulic excavator upper body and 45’ long reach arm)