Dear Valuable Customer ,

We would like to thank all our client for their continuous support since 2000 in the reclamation and dredging field .

specializes  in  reclamation ,  dredging , marine civil engineering , drainage , structural , bridge  and  road construction other building works

I hereby declare that all the future business transactions in reclamation, dredging and  marine engineering works will be under Gold Palm Global Bhd 

In 2014, our company has embarked onto a transformation process for IPO. The schedule IPO Date is 2020, five years from now. It is a commercial and business decision by the Board of Director to grow the company.

We strongly believe that in order to bring the company to the next level of achievement, our company need to leverage on the capital market to serve our client better.

Our company treasure the talent and expertise. They are the DNA of the company. We shall retain all the talent and inject new management phylosophy to enhance their skill.specializes  in  reclamation ,  dredging , marine civil engineering , drainage , structural , bridge  and  road construction other building works

I would like to thank the Board of Director and top management to entrusted me to lead the company since 2000. " We can not change the past. BUT the decision made today will change the future  ".

I love and enjoy my work, I vow to work with passion and provide the best service to the client, innovative employee incentive scheme prior to IPO, create value for the investor and shareholder . 

Thanks &  best regards

Khor HP, Msc  Eng .Sheffield , U.K. ( C.E.O.)

Date : 8th Jan 2015



Harapan Merdeka Sdn Bhd was incorporated on the 13th July 2002 and is has a paid-up capital of RM100,000.00 . The company’s main activities are related to consultancy and services for all aspects of Government permits , documentation for sand extraction , stockpiles , removal of dredge material and permit for disposal of bakau tree related to flood mitigation , dredging and marine reclamation project.

In 2nd Aug 2007 , Harapan Merdeka participated in a flood mitigation project by Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia ; “Merekabentuk dan Membina Kerja-kerja Pembaikan Muara Sungai Johor Di Daerah Kota Tinggi , Johor (Kontrak No JPS/IP/PT/2/07) “ . As a consultant for stockpiles management and dredge material removal , indirectly , Harapan Merdeka had gained vast experience in dredging and reclamation , the methodology and detail costing .



In particular , Harapan Merdeka gradually specializes in reclamation , dredging , marine civil engineering , drainage , structural , bridge , road construction and other building works . Harapan Merdeka presently work in collaboration with Crescendo Land Sdn Bhd ( A subsidiary of Crescendo Corporation Bhd ) in reclamation work in Johor through the main contractor Assessment Ventures Sdn Bhd (www.avhm.com.my) . Harapan Merdeka is participating in site clearance , dredge and fill for a privatization project by State Government of Johor at Sungai Rekoh , Mukim Plentong , Johor for 221.58 acres of land.

In 2007 , Harapan Merdeka provide consultancy services to the contractor who carrying out projects awarded by various Governmental authorities and / or statutory bodies . Two of the reputable client was Malaysia Maritime & Dredging Corporation Sdn Bhd and her sub contractor Sovereign Earth Sdn Bhd and a PKK class A contractor , Hamidah Fazilah Sdn Bhd .

From 2006 , Harapan Merdeka had transformed itself from a consultancy company to a contractor . It has progressed and expand rapidly . Harapan Merdeka has received recognition and earned itself a good reputation for its proven and excellent track record .
Our company intend to provide services, supply marine sand and reclamation technology to the Mersing Laguna project.

In order to realize the existing project and capitalized on the booming construction and infrastructure industry in Johor , Harapan Merdeka had employed capable and experience technical and management personnel . The management of our company holds a policy to deliver solution and maintain high standards of quality and workmanship . It is through sheer hard work and commitment of every personnel that contribute to the success of the company today .

The objective of this profile is to provide our client with an adequate insight to our company and we assure to our client that our company’s sound financial resources, skillful staff , committed management team will deliver and exceed customer’s expectation in the reclamation and construction industry .

Mohamed Ayob Bin Basir ( P.I.S)
Managing Director

We would like to thank Mr Wong Chun Ning; former Singapore, JTC Senior consultant for his coaching and advisory role in some of our projects. 5th May 2000, we started from a humble background of managing a sand concession at Johor, Malaysia ( Sungai Johor PTD, 603, PTD 604 ) 2399.90 ha to a small contractor in 2005. We continuosly improve our marketing, expertise and fleet of machinery. Now, we had gained recognition in dredging and reclamation arena by our client and prepare to secure more projects. In 2015, we desired to list the company in the stock exchange of Malaysia ( Bursa Saham Malaysia ).